The Do’s and Don’ts of Outfit Repeating

The 90’s and 00’s have reared their heads into the fashion world of 2017. Whilst memories of butterfly clips and body glitter come to mind, other fashion faux pas seem to have slipped into both magazines, and the streets of Brisbane.

So, to help everyone Keep Up With The Come Backs, here are 5 of the Do’s and Don’ts to assist those lingering in fashion limbo.

  1. Double Denim

Whilst Britney and JT’s colossal mistake spurred the refinement of this apparently timeless ensemble, it is imperative that everyone remembers the historic moment for what it was, a mistake! Do not, I repeat, do not double denim any statement pieces. Keep it simple. It’s the rule for daytime make up and it’s the rule for the double D. Style it, structure it, but for the love of BS and JT, DO NOT over do it.

  1. Leggings As Pants

When dressing yourself of a morning, make a choice, and dress accordingly. No sass and bide tops over your Lorna Jane tights, one or the other. Now if your

Gym is either in, or close to a shopping centre, it is fine to stroll around that public space in your leggings, but maybe carry a jacket just in case (we all know the perils of the dreaded threadbare situation). Bottom line; know what you’re doing, where you’re going, and the quality/visibility of your leggings.

  1. Low Rise Jeans

Whilst some blessed individuals are capable of wearing this tabooed pant, most of us are not, and more than that, most of us have enjoyed the past decade of being able to sit down without our cracks on display. If you can wear these bad boys, congratulations, but please know your body type, as these jeans only tend to suit one.

  1. Fishnet Stockings

Previously associated with a rebellious bad girl image (thanks Avril Lavigne), fishnet stockings seem to have done a flip on the fashion radar and become stylish. Best paired with ripped jeans and a crop to get the full fishy effect, fishnet stockings have become a layering style icon, best noted on Kendall Jenner and GiGi Hadid. Whilst rarely worn on their own under a dress or skirt, you can safely say that this 90’s/00’s return is one that could go either way in the near future. Watch this space.

  1. Lingerie As Outerwear

Donned by Selena Gomez and the Kardashian clan, lacy bodices tucked into jeans seem to be the next thing to emerge from the 80’s and 90’s. The most memorable influence of this bizarre trend would have to be from the almighty Madonna, who could/can basically do and wear what she likes, because, well, she’s Madonna. But unfortunately, we can’t all be Madonna. Whilst I applaud the brave females that embrace this look, I must quote Albus Dumbledore on this one; “I recommend severe caution, to all.”


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