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Double Standards

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it shouldn’t be news to anyone that Victoria has advocated for the change of walking signs, from men, to women. Whilst there is a following of supporters, it seems silly to specify one gender or another over a walking signal, as everyone walks, and in the case of school zones, men do drop children to school as well. In what was a strive for equality has actually spun in the opposite direction.

There is a lack of gender equality across the board; men are rarely included in discussions or images regarding parenting, cooking, and anything that could be remotely classified as feminine. Women aren’t included in things such as signs for worksites, football commercials, depictions of workplace offices, or the simplicity that is walking across the road.

Beyond this are the hard facts, that only 24% of bosses in the corporate world are female, and only 1 in 5 teachers are male. There have been outbursts for the injustice in parliament, and women on strike in schools, proving that without them there, schools cannot operate because they make up the majority.

Miley Cyrus frequently advocates for gender equality through her Happy Hippie Foundation. She, and her organisation are the breath of fresh air everyone needs. Equality is equality, aka, feminism.

Miley Cyrus Facebook Image Credit: Miley Cyrus


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