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Fight Like A Girl

In the wake of international women’s day, the promotion of feminism has been rife within the media. In combination with the election of Donald Trump as the newest US president, and his degrading opinions of women, celebrities and communities around the world have banded together to advocate for women’s rights.

Women across the United States have marched together to advocate for women’s rights. Miley Cyrus joined the march as a member of the happy hippie foundation, as a protest to the cuts being made to Planned Parenthood. The march received media coverage that reached many corners of the world, including here in Australia, and yet, it didn’t reach the heart or sensibility of Donald Trump.

Trump is still planning on banning abortions and cutting funds to Planned Parenthood. Not only does this disadvantage women as a whole, but it disadvantages young girls who are scarred, and barely in control of their own bodies as it is.

The pretence president trump has placed on Planned Parenthood and abortions is disallowing women and girls across the ‘greatest country on earth’, to have the right to their own bodies and their health.

Absolutely no one, under any circumstances or position of power, should be allowed to determine how someone lives, and/or breathes. It is an abuse of authority, and will in my belief, consequently lead to more physical, and mental health issues that currently surround young girls, and pregnancy.




Image Credit: CNN



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