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Confused vs. Confucius

In the age of feminism, women in particular are being told to be confident within themselves and own the skin they’re in. However, magazines seem to be adopting a bipolar persona. With the flip of page readers are exposed to ‘get your summer body now!’ and ‘make-up hacks for life’, to ‘have the power of a man’, ‘don’t shave’, or the classic debate of ‘tits in or tits out?’

It seems the messages for women are incredibly tangled, and I cant imagine being the only one confused. When one minute you’re being sucked into a $200 Sephora splurge, and the next feeling as though pant suits are your only choice and razors are 100% optional, its no wonder transgender and androgynous peoples are needing to be accepted beyond moral.

It seems the war between fashion/beauty and feminism is causing more grief than advocates of either realise. It’s high time for the two camps to join forces and more frequently advocate the facts; feminism is male and female, it is rights for everyone, you can be a feminist in a biker jacket with tattoos, as well as high heels and a mini skirt. Stop the dividing line, and prove the support for equality, beyond rights, beyond fashion, just leave it as rights to be who we want to be.


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